General Information
*Registration time begins at 7:30 a.m.
*Rules and regulations will be read at 8:00 a.m. This will allow time for questions and team members to talk strategy. The first Adventure and all Detours will be handed out in the morning.
*Each entry fee covers the cost of 2 people, and additional participants cost $5 each. Children under 5 are free.
*Any refunds are at the discretion of the Chamber.
*Each team receives one free t-shirt with pre-registration. After pre-registration deadline, teams will receive one free t-shirt if available. Additional t-shirts are available for purchase if available.
*Each team receives a competition flag to be displayed during the event and returned at scoring (teams charged for lost or damaged flags).
*Fuel used is at the team's cost, as well as any roadside emergency services.
*We have tried to make the challenge sheets easy to understand, however errors do occur. It is the responsibility of the participants to decipher the instructions.
*You are responsible for your own behavior as well as the behavior of your guests.
*Teams who drop out will not receive a refund.
*The Chamber does not control the weather.
*Be careful, you are playing in traffic.
*Lunch is provided for all paid team members followed by Awards Ceremony at 1:30 p.m.
*The Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to amend, change, clarify, redefine, adjust, remove, or interpret rules as necessary. Decisions made by the Chamber is final.
*Refunds are provided ONLY if the event is cancelled. The Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to reschedule in case of weather, natural disaster, act of God, emergency, or acts of terrorism.

Vehicle Requirements
*Each person must have a seat with working seat belt.
*Must be street legal.
*Participants must handle their own claims with their respective insurance providers or agents.
*First Aid Kit (recommended).
*Each registrant and his/her crew must comply with all rules, regulations, and supplemental regulations governing the Route 66 Challenge.

Route 66 Rules & Conduct
*This is not a race, this is a completion of strategy. All traffic laws must be obeyed.
*Drive safe. Do not break the law. If negligence, erratic behavior, dangerous or poor driving is observed or suspected, Chamber Staff may immediately disqualify and remove the violating team.
*Teams must follow Old Route 66, and stay off of I-44 as much as possible.
*Competition Flag must be displayed at all times.
*All images must be taken on a single digital camera or a smart device. Video is not accepted.
*Images MUST be in chronological Adventure order. Persons fumbling at scoring (more than 30 seconds) are sent to the back of the line. Arrive to scoring prepared with ALL items.
*Be mindful of the hospitality provided by destination and Adventure hosts.
*Do not cheat.
*Be courteous to all volunteers and all employees at the businesses you stop at. Failure to do so will result in dismissal from the event, forfeiture of your entry fee, and being barred from future events.
*Times are based on posted speed limits and will allow for a 15 minutes at each adventure. Please remember this is not a race, but a challenge (a game of strategy).

Participant Requirements
*Driver must have a valid driver's license.
*All occupants must be covered by the registered vehicle insurance policy.
*Driver's License, Proof of Insurance, and Vehicle Registration must be shown at check in.
How the Challenge Works
*There will be 8 total Adventures, and Detours are optional. Points are given out upon completion of each Adventure at the Adventure scoring.
*Earn points by successfully solving trivia and completing tasks packed into Adventure Envelopes.
*All Adventures are REAL and required to complete the competition. However, not every Detour is a real opportunity for points.
*The day begins with an Adventure Envelope which contains everything needed for the first Adventure along with all Detour clues. Additional Adventure envelopes are provided throughout the competition.
*The Adventure Envelope contains a clue/trivia that will reveal a location and lead to further instructions or additional directions.
*Use the drive time to solve the trivia and accomplish the task.
*To record your Route 66 Challenge journey and earn points, you will need a digital camera and Internet-enabled device or smart phone to participate.
*Additional points will be awarded in order of arrival time at the finish line. There is a penalty issued for arriving at the finish line earlier than first timeslot posted.
Detours & Extras
*Detours are "mini adventures" that are off the beaten path, and they vary in point value. Some Detours are not real, and are impossible to complete. It is up to the participants to strategize and decide which Detours to take, and which to avoid.
*Shop Local Detour: Receipts for anything you buy along the route (example: gasoline, snacks, etc.) can be used for points. Present receipts at the finish line.

*ROUTE 66 CHALLENGE IS A GAME OF CHANCE: At times chance may not favor every situation or team. Unforeseeable situations may affect the score. Some decisions may seem unfair. Scoring judge decision is final, and there is no appeal process.
*Adventure Clues: When solved, the clues will lead to a geographical point. While at that location you must accomplish a task to earn points needed to win.
*The game flows at EXACTLY the speed limit and you will need a strategy to win. There is no incentive or need to speed. It will not help, and may hinder you. Points are awarded for successfully solving Adventure Clues, and then completing an assigned task. The first Adventure of the day is distributed within the estimated time window. Exactly when you complete it depends on you.
Scoring & Winning
*Every Adventure and Detour has an assigned point value. Complete all tasks exactly as instructed within the allowable time to score. When all the tasks have been completed go to the finish line, park, and bring all materials and photos to score keepers.
*Only one person from each team is permitted in the scoring zone. Teams in the scoring zone will be sent to the back of the line. Score keepers can deduct points based on poor sportsmanship and conduct. Once in the scoring line other team members can not hand them anything.
*Winning Team will receive $150, and $150 will be given to a charity of their choice from our Chamber for Good program. Winner will get to keep their Car Flag, and will receive $10 off next year's registration.
*Social Media Award will go to the team that has posted the most photos on Facebook, using the event #hashtag provided at check in.
*Best Theme Award will go to the team that receives the most online votes from their peers. The survey will be posted on Google.
*In the event of a Tiebreaker, the teams will answer Route 66 Trivia questions to break the tie.

Overall Finish
*The registered team and vehicle crossing the finish line with the most points wins the game.
*Awards will go to the Winning Team, Best Team Theme, Best Social Media Team, and "I Got Kicked on Route 66."

Things to Remember
*Have fun and enjoy the event and Pulaski County. This is a strategy game, NOT a road race.
*The game is created making it impossible to complete every Adventure and Detour. Use a strategy which may include sacrificing some Detours.
*Solve clues, complete Adventures and Detours, and accumulate points.
*It is important to check in at each Adventure, because it is where you will receive your next Adventure Clue Envelope.
*Should it be determined a team is operating in an unsafe manner, the team may lose points or be disqualified from the event.

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