How the Route 66 Challenge Works

There will be 8 total Adventures, Detours are optional. Points are given out upon completion of each Adventure at the Adventure scoring. Earn points by successfully solving trivia and completing tasks packed into "Adventure Envelopes". All Adventures are REAL and required to complete the competition. However, not every Detour is a real opportunity for points. The day begins with an Adventure Envelope which contains everything needed for the first Adventure and Detour clues. Additional Adventure envelopes are provided throughout the competion. Use the drive time to solve the trivia and accomplish the task. To record your Route 66 Challenge journey and earn points, you will need a digital camera and Internet enabled device or smart phone to participate. Additional points will be awarded in order of arrival time at the finish line, although there are NO extra points awarded for arriving at the finish line early.

Adventure Envelope Contains

The Adventure Envelope contains a clue/trivia that will reveal a location, lead to further instructions or additional directions.

Detours and Extras

Detours are "mini adventures" that are off the beaten path. They vary in point value. Some Detours are not real and are impossible to complete. It is up to the participants to strategize and decide which Detours to take (if any), and which to avoid.

Shop Local Detour Receipts for anything you buy along the route (example: gasoline, snacks, etc.) can be used for points. Present receipts at the finish line.

Overall Finish

The registered team and vehicle crossing the finish line, with the most points wins the game. Awards will go to the Winning Team, Best Team Theme, Best Social Media Team and to the team that 'I Got Kicked on Route 66'.

Things to Remember

Have fun and enjoy the event and Pulaski County. The game is created making it impossible to complete every Adventure AND Detour. This is a strategy game. NOT a road race. Solve clues, complete Adventures, Detours, and accumulate points. It is important to check in at each Adventure, because that is where you will receive your next Adventure Clue Envelope. Your goal should "NOT" be to accomplish EVERY Detour. Use a strategy which may include sacrificing Detours. Should it be determined a team is operating in an unsafe manner, the team may lose points or be disqualified from the event.

How it works

The Route 66 Challenge is a strategy game with 8 adventures. It is NOT a road race.


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Missouri Ozarks Community Actions, Inc. (MOCA) is the 2019 Charity for the Route 66 Challenge

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